Toyota Oil Change Services

Changing the oil in your vehicle is the most essential maintenance procedure you can do for your car.

Toyota Oil Changes in Santa Cruz, CA

Changing the oil in your vehicle is the most essential maintenance procedure you can do for your car. Diesel vehicles are becoming more popular, and have the same oil requirements. Diesel engines can usually go longer between oil changes but they do use a different kind of oil. Add synthetic oil to the mix and things could get confusing. There is now conventional oil, fully synthetic oil and Semi-synthetic oil to choose from for both engines. At Cruz Toyota in Santa Cruz, CA, we are here to help you find the best oil for your vehicle. We service cars from all over Santa Cruz County, such as Capitola, Live Oak, Soquel, and Aptos, CA.

Oil Changes Services

  • Full Synthetic – Uses some traditional oil but is primarily a man-made product that is designed to be cleaner and lubricate your engine even better than traditional oil. Fully Synthetic oil lasts longer but costs more. It is better for the environment, but even synthetic oil has to be disposed of.
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  • Conventional – Gasoline engines are by far the most common, and most have used traditional, or conventional oil, for generations. This is basic crude oil with some treatments to help the car run lean and to help lubrication.
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  • Semi-Synthetic – This special blend of conventional and synthetic oil can provide some of the benefits of both: it’s less expensive than full synthetic oil, but keeps your engine cleaner than conventional.
  • Diesel – Vehicles powered by a Diesel engine, of course, need Diesel fuel and oil formulated for those kinds of engines. Diesel fuel is thicker and has a higher viscosity, to help it work more efficiently. Diesel vehicles go longer between oil changes than gasoline-powered engines, and when you add fully synthetic oil, you get an even longer period between oil changes. Synthetic oil for diesel has not been around as long as it has for gasoline engines, but it still is more efficient in lubricating an engine.

Importance of Toyota-Certified Oil Changes

Even synthetic oil will break down eventually and be less effective over time. Vehicle manufacturers recommend certain intervals between oil changes. This is the amount of time they are sure the oil will be effective in lubricating the engine. You can go a little longer but at some point, it will make a real difference if you have not changed your oil. Eventually, the oil would turn to sludge and your engine could be ruined.


You Need to Change Your Oil When…

Poor engine lubrication is a big problem with associated symptoms. If you experience any of the symptoms of poor engine lubrication, we recommend scheduling an oil change service soon to prevent consequences such as engine overheating. Here are the most common symptoms of needing to change the oil:


  • Oil Change Light
  • Check Engine Light
  • Black or Gritty Oil
  • Engine Noise or Is Loud

Toyota Oil Change Services

Schedule an Oil Change at Santa Cruz Toyota

Stop by or call Santa Cruz Toyota in Santa Cruz, CA to set up an oil change for your car. We can help you find the oil that is right for your car, and help you decide between synthetic or conventional oil. Our service center is located in Santa Cruz County, also serving Capitola, Live Oak, Soquel, and Aptos, CA.

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