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TRD performance filters have the proven ability to improve your car’s or truck’s performance.
TRD engine oil filters offer optimum engine protection by trapping almost 100% of gunk from the oil. With a TRD Engine Oil Filter, you’ll immediately experience a cleaner, smoother operating engine.
TRD performance engine air filters, you can also ensure that nearly 100% of the dangerous airborne debris in the air is not penetrating the engine’s combustion chamber to cause problems. When clean air defines the air intake system, you immediately access improved airflow, minimal resistance, and a smooth-firing engine getting the cleanest air possible.
TRD cabin air filters also trap nearly 100% of the particulates in ambient air, offering those with allergies optimum protection throughout the allergy season. If you’re interested in trapping almost 100% of grass pollen, spores, and harmful pollutants, then a high-performance TRD Cabin Air Filter will be perfect for you.

TRD Performance Filters Accessories Toyota

Benefits of TRD Performance Filters

  • Innovative design features trap nearly 100% of debris
  • Maximum engine protection
  • Helps extend the engine’s service life
  • Reduces long-term operating costs
  • Rigorously tested for proven performance results in your Toyota car or truck
  • Guaranteed performance results that no generic knockoff can provide

TRD Performance Filters Accessories Toyota


TRD Filters Improve Engine Performance

The innovative design for TRD performance filters begins with the objective of trapping everything unwanted while supporting robust airflow that the engine needs to operate at peak performance. The design of every TRD performance filter allows for maximum air into the engine with minimum resistance all while trapping airborne particulates that will threaten engine performance or even cause damages. By catching filth before it can get inside the engine while supporting maximum airflow, every TRD performance filter will provide your engine with additional power as well as enhanced fuel efficiency. By improving the flow of clean air without disrupting mass airflow sensor calibration, you will immediately notice a smoother-firing engine, improved performance, and without any adverse side effects. In particular, TRD oil filters will help protect the engine from premature wear and tear while keeping pollutants out of the engine for a smoother, cleaner engine power production.

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