Why get TRD Chassis / Suspension Parts?

The suspension on your Toyota model is crucial for the overall steering and handling of the vehicle. chassis and suspension components profoundly affect how the tires gain traction while coming into contact with variable terrain. New performance parts will improve steering and handling for both cars on the racetrack and trucks on treacherous ground. If you’re interested in modifying your vehicle so that bumpy terrain becomes smooth, then a TRD chassis/suspension component will be perfect for you!

TRD Performance Chassis Sway Bars Accessories Toyota

TDR Chassis / Suspension Benefits

There are two primary benefits that all of our higher-performance customers receive when they purchase and install a TRD component at Santa Cruz TRD Accessories & Performance Department. Here are the benefits:

  • Smooth riding – High-performance chassis and/or suspension components help make difficult terrain seem easy to navigate. Smooth out even the bumpiest of roads with TRD parts.
  • Improved handling – New parts also help your vehicle’s response to acceleration, handling cornering forces, and better supports brake system performance.

TRD Performance Chassis & Suspension Accessories Toyota

Why Santa Cruz Toyota? Why TRD?

First and foremost, our Toyota experts with vast experience helping our loyal customers improve their Toyota’s performance. We have a team of Factory Trained Technicians and a parts department full of high-performance part upgrades. There is a variety of chassis and suspension parts that can help you achieve optimum high-performance results. TRD accessories include high-performance springs, shock absorbers, and stabilizer bars. No matter if you want to take a Toyota truck to the next level navigating harsh terrain or if you want to improve cornering for a Toyota Corolla, rest assured that TRD accessories and performance parts have exactly what you need to take your vehicle to the next level of performance.

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Better Cornering with TRD Chassis / Suspension Components

When Toyota claims that TRD parts can improve cornering, it comes from a position of proven research. TRD suspension parts have been proven to reduce understeer, which allows for higher speeds through the corners and a much tighter turn radius. TRD suspension parts are also confirmed through research to support flatter handling because of improved body roll control. The result is higher speeds and improved control when you need it most.

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