TRD Wheels 101

Toyota dedicated considerable engineering effort in designing every TRD wheel because they know how wheel design influences both performance and appearance. When creating TRD wheels, Toyota engineers started with an analysis of the original factory design for each vehicle and then applied state-of-the-art digital design techniques to create the perfect high-performance wheel. Since all wheels are built with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, Toyota focused on aluminum alloy due to its tremendous advantages over steel wheels. TRD wheels have a lighter material construction, which allows them to dissipate heat efficiently while providing strong traction support for extreme cornering. No matter if you need a forged, billet, or cast alloy wheel construction, we offer a broad spectrum of every popular TRD wheel design for your high-performance Toyota car or truck.

TRD Wheels Accessory Toyota

Types of TRD Wheels

TRD wheels come in three styles including forged, billet, and cast manufacturing. Each wheel style has unique strengths and weaknesses that can improve performance for your car, truck, or SUV. These wheels are manufactured under intense heat and pressure to transform aluminum into the perfect shape. Billet TRD wheels are machined from a single chunk of aluminum. Cast TRD wheels are poured and molten to cast the desired shape. If you are uncertain about the best TRD Wheel option for your Toyota car or truck, we invite you to bring your vehicle and your driving preferences to the Santa Cruz TRD Accessories & Performance Department to speak with a Factory Trained Service Advisor.

TRD Wheels Accessory Toyota

Benefits of TRD Accessory Wheels

Many of our customers seek out TRD wheels because of the benefits that they can provide when it comes to high performance. Although we sell TRD wheels because customers enjoy how they make their Toyota car or truck look, others prefer TRD wheels because of the performance-related benefits. Here is a list of the performance gains that you can expect to receive when you purchase and install new TRD Accessory Wheels:

  • Decreased unsprung weight
  • Improved braking performance through efficient cooling
  • Faster acceleration
  • Improved wheel rigidity (better cornering support)


Customize your Toyota with TRD Wheels at Santa Cruz

These performance gains are easily secured with TRD wheels purchased and installed at Santa Cruz TRD Accessories & Performance Department.

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