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The TRD Exhaust is valuable because it assists in power production. The effectiveness of the TRD Exhaust is through reducing back pressure by allowing combusted gasses an efficient escape from the engine. The design of the TRD Exhaust is what permits this to happen. It is manufactured with a dual-wall design that preserves the chrome with a stainless polish that resists heat discoloration. That means every TRD Exhaust will look good for years while continuing to deliver high-performance airflow results. You can purchase and install a TRD exhaust at the Santa Cruz Toyota TRD Accessories & Performance Department.

TRD Performance Exhaust Accessory Toyota

Improve Performance & Efficiency with a TRD Exhaust

Many drivers never consider the exhaust to be related to improved engine performance; however, Toyota engineers know that the exhaust cycle in a four-stroke engine is deeply correlated to power efficiency. Since the exhaust cycle is the last step in the internal combustion process that allows for burned gasses to be removed efficiently, optimum airflow is what frees up space for more burned gasses. When there is more flow for burned gasses, the engine can consume more fuel to generate power efficiently. Since the TRD exhaust prevents airflow obstacles, the system contributes to the reduction of back pressure that creates more power output while improving efficiency. In short, the beauty of the TRDexhaust is that it can both enhance performance while improving efficiency at the same time.

TRD Performance Dual Exhaust Accessory Toyota


What About Engine Noise?

Beyond dispersing harmful gasses away from the vehicle, the exhaust system helps contain undesirable engine noise so that your Toyota car, truck, or SUV sounds like a high-performance vehicle. No matter if you drive a car or truck, a TRD exhaust can help your vehicle sound much better than before. The exhaust has a deeper tone, signaling that this beast has a little more something under the hood. Also of crucial value is the fact that your new exhaust is 50-state emissions legal, which means that this accessory aligns with the interest of passing Missouri’s emissions standards.

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