TRD Brakes: High-Performance Safety

TRD brakes offer much more than simply improving speed-related performance on the racetrack; instead, they also provide much-improved braking performance that is a safety consideration. TRD brakes have proven enhanced stopping power that will help your Toyota car or truck stop faster compared to original equipment. Many of our high-performance TRD customers are not racecar drivers nor do they own trucks that regularly navigate harsh terrains – they merely want to advance safety by installing the most powerful brakes for their vehicle. If you are interested in taking your Brake System’s performance to the highest level of security, then a TRD brake system is probably perfect for your Toyota car, truck, or SUV. Get your TRD brakes at the Santa Cruz TRD Accessories & Performance Department.

TRD Performance Brakes Accessories Toyota

High-Performance Brake Safety

It’s pretty simple – bigger brakes have a better safety profile. TRD brakes have been tested to confirm that they can generate more stopping torque where the brake pads meet the rotors. With additional torque where you need it most for maximum stopping power, your vehicle will experience enhanced braking torque as evidenced by decreased stopping distance necessary for safety during emergency stops. One of the best ways to maximize safety through decreased stopping distance is by installing TRD Accessory Brakes on your Toyota car, truck, or truck.

TRD Performance Brakes Accessories Toyota

What Makes TRD Brakes Better?

When it comes to generating the most stopping power imaginable, TRD brakes have been designed with the understanding that bigger is better. When more surface is available, more resistance is created and more stopping power generated. We like to call the TRD brakes the Big Brake Kit because they are larger than original equipment, which helps improve braking with decreased stopping distance through powerful clamping at the calipers into the brake pads and rotors. The brake system can improve performance and safety through a few fundamental design strategies.

  • High-performance rotors maximize airflow to keep them cool
  • Material design prevents corrosion for a longer service life
  • Calipers offer maximum rigidity for powerful stopping
  • Brake pads are designed for maximum surface resistance for more friction and stopping force


Increse your stopping power with Toyota with TRD Big Brakes

You can’t deny that the overall design of our TDR big brakes is ground-breaking, no pun intended. Brake performance gains are easily secured with TRD Accessory brakes purchased and installed at the Santa Cruz TRD Accessories & Performance Department.

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