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Toyota Conventional Oil Change

Toyota Conventional Oil Changes in Capitola, CA

Conventional motor oil is basic crude oil out of the ground modified for use in the internal combustion engines in automobiles. It is the oil that has been used since there have been cars on the road. While some people are switching to synthetic oil, there are some good reasons to stick with conventional oil changes.

Importance of Engine Oil

Motor oil keeps your engine lubricated. It helps remove some of the impurities created by all the tiny explosions in your engine and helps with cooling to a degree. Any liquid like oil is going to deteriorate over time and will not be as effective in protecting your engine. Synthetic blends are more man-made, and is usually more effective at lubricating your engine, and will last longer. It does, however, cost significantly more.

Why Choose Conventional Oil?

The cost is one reason to stick with conventional oil in your car. Some experts say it is a good idea to put conventional oil in a new car at least for the first oil change. You can switch back and forth between conventional and synthetic with no problem. If you do not drive a lot in dusty conditions and don’t make a lot of very short trips, you may do just as well with conventional oil.

Don’t Skip Oil Changes

There are valid reasons then for sticking with conventional oil, but changing the oil is the main thing. When you do not change your oil, it is less effective and puts extra strain on your engine. This means your engine has to work harder, and it is working harder with oil that isn’t working as well as it should. This will cause your engine to wear out much sooner than it would have with regular changes of oil. In extreme cases, the oil can turn to sludge and will ruin your engine. The bottom line is, there is nothing more important thing for your car than to keep the oil fresh. Unless your owners manual specifically calls for synthetic, you may be fine using conventional oil.

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At Santa Cruz Toyota, we believe in regular oil changes regardless of what oil you use. Our certified technicians will make sure you have the right oil, and then explain your options. We serve Santa Cruz County, including Capitola, Live Oak, Soquel, and Aptos, CA. Give Santa Cruz Toyota a call today and set up an appointment for an oil change at our Santa Cruz CA facility. In Santa Cruz County we serve Capitola, Live Oak, Soquel, and Aptos, CA. We are here to help keep your car in top condition and to help it last as long as possible.

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