Genuine Toyota Parts

The Parts Department at Santa Cruz Toyota maintains a comprehensive inventory of high-quality genuine OEM parts.

Toyota Parts Department in Santa Cruz

At Santa Cruz Toyota, we operate a parts department stocked full of genuine Toyota original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that always offer more value compared to aftermarket parts. We operate a service center within our dealership to complete a part repair or replacement using the genuine parts we carry.

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Popular Toyota Parts

Although Toyota makes some of the finest vehicles on the road today, every Toyota will eventually require maintenance or repairs that include a replacement part. When that happens, our customers will benefit from access to the best parts explicitly engineered and manufactured for fit and performance in specific Toyota models. Rest assured that we only sell genuine Toyota OEM parts at our Toyota Parts Department offering our customers the maximum value for their new part. Here is an overview of our most-sold part categories:


  • Filters – We carry lots of Toyota filters including oil, engine air, and cabin air filters.
  • Belts & Hoses – Our inventory features countless belts such as serpentine, hydraulic cooling fan motor pressure, V, and timing belts. We also carry hoses, such as coolant, radiator, by-pass hoses, and many more!
  • Sensors – Vehicles have many sensors spread throughout the engine, transmission, and exhaust systems, and we carry countless new sensors, such as oxygen, mass air flow, coolant temperature, crankshaft position, brake fluid pressure, air charge temperature, accelerator pedal, ABS wheel speed sensors, and many more!
  • Battery – We carry a large inventory of genuine OEM batteries recommended by Toyota for each model.
  • Brakes – We have Toyota brake system parts in stock, including brake pads, rotors, fluid, calipers, lines, and more!
  • Spark Plugs – Not only do we carry the very same spark plugs initially installed on your Toyota during assembly, but we also offer our customers a selection of high-performance spark plugs for those looking for enhanced performance.

The Real Value of Genuine Toyota OEM Parts

When it comes to assessing the true value of installing genuine Toyota OEM parts, we point our customers in the direction of the tremendous benefits that genuine parts consistently provide over aftermarket parts. If you want to realize the real value of choosing genuine parts, look no further than these proven benefits:


  • Designed explicitly for, and rigorously tested to confirm, both fit and performance in specific Toyota models
  • Backed by a limited warranty
  • Are more durable, last longer, and help save money on overall long-term operational expenses
  • Takes the guesswork out of the purchasing decision
  • Peace of mind that your vehicle has the best parts installed

Genuine Toyota Parts at Santa Cruz Toyota

When you own a Toyota in need of a new part, rest assured that we have what you need or can help you find the rare parts that you’re looking for by tapping into the Toyota network. We also offer routine specials that offer our customers attractive cost savings when they need it most.

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