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Toyota Battery Services

Our factory-trained and certified Toyota technicians deliver our battery service to ensure you are getting the best care possible.

Toyota Battery Services in Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz Toyota’s professional battery services extend from Santa Cruz county to Live Oak, Capitola, Soquel, and Aptos, CA. Our factory-trained and certified Toyota technicians deliver our battery service to ensure you are getting the best care possible.

Battery Services

  • Battery Replacement – We can exchange and replace it on the spot with various battery options, all of which are approved by Toyota engineers.
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  • Terminal Cleaning – The battery terminals can sustain a buildup of corrosion that makes the connections looser; we can clean the terminals and tighten the cables.
  • Battery Inspection – Our team gets under the hood to check the overall health of your battery, we check the connecting cables to make sure there is no buildup or anything that could disrupt the connection, and we give it a charge if needed. Sometimes, you just need a quick battery check as part of routine maintenance. This is something our team can provide for free.

What Causes a Dead Battery?

The age-old question with many answers. What can cause a dead battery? The obvious is leaving a light on in the car for an extended period of time. If it’s a one-off for one night, the battery shouldn’t drain too much, but you also have to factor in the health and age of it as well. Cold weather is another culprit of draining batteries because of how much harder the battery has to work to warm up along with the rest of your car.


Battery Warranty

Standard battery warranties last about three years, which is conveniently the amount of time a battery is able to last before you start to encounter issues. At the three-year battery mark, which is clearly marked on your battery, you should have it examined by a professional who can catch even the most minor, potential battery issues.

Toyota Battery Services

Signs of a Dying Car Battery

Along with the information above, here are some easy-to-identify signs that your car battery is dying and may need to be replaced sooner rather than later.


  • Car won’t start when you turn the key – It may stutter for a bit and then continue to die. Interior and exterior lights dimming and/or flickering – this can be a sign of both a dying battery or needing new bulbs. It’s best to have both checked to prevent future issues.
  • Battery-operated parts of your vehicle functioning slowly – Things like your battery-powered windows. Your battery works directly to power them. If they start to roll down and up more slowly than usual, it’s likely a battery issue.
  • It smells rotten – When your battery is dying or has gone bad, it often exudes a rotten smell. If this happens, give us a call so we can help you the best way possible.


Is it time for your car battery to be serviced? Bring your Toyota in to see our team at Santa Cruz Toyota, your nearest Toyota dealership and service center in Santa Cruz county.



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